Patience With Our Progress

Being patient, or having patience, with our progress can be a challenge for a lot of us, but the reality is that this is something that we need to allow for ourselves. During this process it is important to enjoy each moment of our journey and realize that for the best results to be experienced [...]

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“Personal Best” Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

We're excited because Monday we launch a brand new theme we're calling "Personal Best". Theme Perspective Points The best way to track our own progress is to take note of our best times and best rep count and make a goal to beat those numbers the next time around. The goal is to do even [...]

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4 Race Day Tips When Running An Obstacle Course Race or Mud Run

Every weekend somewhere there is an obstacle course race going on and thousands upon thousands will run the race and overcome the obstacles. While prepping for the race we can get all excited and forget some pretty important post-race things to do. I have a quick checklist for you so you will go home like [...]

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OCR Workout 041614 (Obstacle Course Race Training)

Click to view video. Bob Garon has both participated in and prepared people for Tough Mudder events, Spartan Race events, Warrior Dash events, Skyrise Chicago Willis Tower 103 Floor Climb, 5k, 10k, 15k, triathlon, marathon, cycling (crits and century ride) events to successfully complete each one with great results. If you would like a custom [...]

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Freedom Of Exercise

I was reading a Facebook post today from a fellow Kettlebell coach of mine. He was saying how one of his students completed a lower level Kettlebell certification course. This person also practices, and competes in, Kettlebell Sport. What really irked him was that another Kettlebell coach, and also a co-worker to his student, who [...]

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