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Best Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery & Muscle Building

It's always important to have a post workout recovery smoothie or meal, which is a smoothie or meal right after your workout, so that your body can have all the vital nutrients it craves shuttled into our cells right away. Timing is also important for this smoothie or recovery meal. Try to have your smoothie [...]

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It is NOT a “Kettleball”!!!

There is something that I see all too often, STILL, and would like to clarify real quick. It is a "KETTLEBELL"... Notice: there are only letter E's in that word and there are no letter A's. It is NOT a ball, such as bouncy bouncy. It IS a Bell as in ding ding. Furthermore kettlebells [...]

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One Hour Long Cycle Charity 2014

  Every year we do a marathon Long Cycle event to raise money for a special charity. This year, our 5th Annual One Hour Long Cycle event, will raise money for Feed My Starving Children & Med Fest Nicaragua¬†2015. Both of these charities/ministries are very close to our heart.¬†Feed My Starving Children is a local [...]

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