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Feel Like A Million Bucks!

FITNESS TIP: Even if you're exhausted, bored or feeling lazy, honor your exercise commitment to yourself. The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince. -Vincent Lombardi NUTRITIONAL TIP: Enjoy your occasional indulgences, but what you eat on a regular daily basis is what matters [...]

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Synergy Community Support On Facebook Groups

In case you're not on Facebook, I'm gonna hook you up with a real treat...  here's some of the highlights of what our Synergy Community has been chatting about in our private Synergy Facebook Group. If you are on Facebook, and a Synergy Kettlebell Training member and not yet in our group, let me know so [...]

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Bells Gone Wild

I've got some super, super, super awesome news to share with you, but before I do let me mention our upcoming Synergy "Bells Gone Wild" kettlebell sport competition and partaaaaaay on Saturday, August 20th. Last weekend we had soooo much fun at our Summerbell meet and I have got to say never before have I [...]

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Deuces Wild & Summer Lent

"Deuces Wild" is standing for each Kettlebell Fat Blaster during the month of June we'll be having 2's or pairs of something in some way or another. I love training in a simplistic manner and this is going to be an awesome month leading into summer! Here's our new 30 Day Challenge called "Summer Lent". [...]

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