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Beyond Nutrition Green Smoothie

This holiday season was A LOT of fun and A LOT of eating. In fact when you take away allllllllllllll the sugary foods I've eaten my meals aren't really that bad at all. Plug back in the goodies and "Whoops there goes another rubber tree"! My belly was literally bursting at the seams, but it [...]

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Lisa Garon Jerks The Kettlebell Pumpkins

This was Lisa's first attempt at putting up the pumpkin (28kg) kettlebell. Not too bad taking in account she's not feeling well, it was after her workout, she was in tight hip hugger jeans, I coerced her to do it LOL, and it was her first time trying the 62lber at a bodyweight of only [...]

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Making Intermediate Fasting Personal

There's a new study out on fasting while exercising and I thought it a good time to reflect on my own fasting practice. I've been Intermediate Fasting for almost 5 years now and personally really can't think of any other way of eating/living. It's so habitual for me and my body is fully acclimated that [...]

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The Secret To Everlasting Fat Loss

The key to weight loss, fat loss, and getting the body of your dreams revolves around 2 main things- one is obvious and the other can sometimes be a bit sneaky. I'll share the secret to all that in my video. Get ready tho.... BLATANT HONESTY WARNING!!! That's it. That's the secret and it's all [...]

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30 Day Challenge: “Christmas Colors” PART 1

Typically each month at Synergy Kettlebell Training we usually have one 30 Day Challenge that is nutritionally based to push us beyond our comfort zones and out of complacency so that we can get healthier. During the month of December we're gonna be doing something special. We're gonna be having not 1, but 2 Challenges. [...]

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