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30 Day Challenge: I Wanna Be A Veg Head!

30 Day Challenge   Through the month of April, in honor of the spring season, we are going to celebrate VEGETABLES!  Your challenge for the next thirty days is to eat a variety of vegetables, including trying new veggies that you have not eaten before.  Each week turn in the attached sheet (or you can [...]

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What Really Is Fresh?

The term "fresh" has been linked to higher quality in the minds of many consumers and therefore the restaurants use this as a selling point even though the product may have been previously frozen and serving certain species with proper freezing is against their "regulations". When I consider what I'm going to eat, and serve [...]

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Some Ladies of Synergy Kettlebell Training

Honestly I think women are the toughest of the sexes. Seriously and I'm NOT just saying this because my wife and mother read my blog.  I'm being real here.  This is something I've known for a very long time and love watching them train kettlebells cause they improve so fast. It's not like other workouts [...]

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The Pineapple Express Toward Your Diet Fast

A couple years ago I decided the diet I was on was just not working for me and my goals. You see that's exactly it. Our habits need to reflect our goals. When this happens everything falls into place and we reach our goals.  It's like having a road map... one that works. This past [...]

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