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Intensity, Density, and Muscular Failure

Disclaimer:  This is a bit detailed so please follow along.In my last post I touched upon a few topics you may or may not have heard before and now I will explain what they are and what implications they have one your training and, more importantly, your results.Intensity is a tricky word. It is deceiving. [...]

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Train 21, Rest 7

“You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake; you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else” –Tyler Durden, Fight Club“I am merely striving to help you and am offering concrete advice based on experience, gained both from myself and numerous others. So, let this be your slogan…‘Work 21 days – Rest seven!’” Vince [...]

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Yoga Back Bends

Yoga is something I really love and especially Bikram Yoga due to the long lasting detoxing effects on top of the greater stretch range due to the controlled heated environment. Here are some of my favorite yoga postures to practice for overall spine and joint health. Personally by practicing yoga, without the spiritualness side of [...]

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Change Is NOT Always Good

There is ONLY one kind of human and that is homo-sapien.  They all move the same way or should.  If not then a problem needs to be addressed.  Whatever the tool used be it a kettlebell, dumbbell, med ball, stone, sandbag, tire, whatever it can produce great results if the movements are gone after as [...]

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A Trip Through The Gauntlet

I recently read an article written by Scott Helsley, Master of Sport, that really got me thinking about some things. His article was titled: "Checking The Boxes" and here's an excerpt from it:"How many people out there are just "checking the boxes" when it comes to training.  I'd say most people.  Go to the gym [...]

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Ongoing Team Work For Survival

 Please allow me to sit down and just chat with you about a couple of my thoughts regarding the recent tough times. It can be hard to get up every day and remain focused with hopes and promises.  Sometimes it's just a struggle to hope that your hopes are not empty.  In all circumstances there [...]

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Playtime and Recess

As hard as we work all the time we have to, have to, have to just have plain old fun every so often to break up the pain and agony of Kettlebell beat-downs.  Watch as Lee and Lloyd Munsil and Jen Chandler perform Bosu jumps both two legged and one legged.Have Fun In What You [...]

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Fruiting and Vegging For A Healthy Body

A healthy colon is a healthy body.  Most people do not get enough fiber.  One way I recommend is by fruiting and vegging.  Ok so I just coined those "words".  Don't freak out anal grammar fanatics out there!  LOL! :) Watch- they'll catch on soon enough.Anyway there are many folks who subscribe to juicing being [...]

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To Live Longer Fast Stronger

Consistency, consistency, consistency... I can't stress that enough.  When you sway from the very basics is when results will diminish.A lot of folks overeat.  We know this.  Often times we don't realize when we do it.  Many folks believe they are eating healthy, but then when they are not healthy and/or can't understand why they [...]

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Chuck Norris Facts At Kettlebell Kamp

Today at Kettlebell Kamp we started talking about all the Chuck Norris sayings. I'm not sure even how we got on that tangent, but these are pretty funny anyway. One I thought of was that Chuck Norris doesn't swing a kettlebell; the kettlebell swings itself out of fear in Chuck Norris' presence. Ok, ok I [...]

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